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Address of Armenian Princes (Meliks) to Peter the First on the 5 March 1724

The decree of Your Imperial Highness sent with the ambassador Ivan Karapet (the ambassador of Russia in Armenian fortified areas in Karabakh) had the great honor and joy to see and therefore we inform you that we in the Assembly (Armenian fortified areas) are 30000 and ready to defend and we ask you to send to Shemakh Russian armies and we will all be there. And if you don’t wish to send, then we will all be lost, thus asking you repeatedly and pray for the sake of all forgiving God and the Christian faith not to leave us alone and send the army.

(The signatures and seals of the principal persons of the Armenian Assembly Sergey, Isaiah, Abraham and others).

CGADA, f. Cabinet of Peter the First, section 2, book 66, page 510. Translation.

12 January 1724 – Information of Avan Juzbasha on the strength of the army of fortified area of Shoushi.


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