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10 November 1724, the Supreme Deed on the name of the Armenian nation

On 10 November 1724, by order of His Imperial Highness, from the State board of Foreign Affairs, 2 deeds on equal strength were sent on behalf of His Imperial Highness, to the people of Armenia, and His Highness’s resolution was written in the Protocol of the above-mentioned date, with the following content:
For the God’s sake, me, Peter the First, Emperor and Autocrat of all Russians as well as others,
others and others let you know.
To the most honest patriarch Isaiah (the Catholicos of Gandzasar - editorial) and the most honest Juzbashas Avan and Mirza and all the other honest Juzbashas and bailiffs and to all the honest people of Armenia Our Imperial favor and congratulation is sent.
We declare to you through thee gracious deed, that we, through the priests Anthony and Kevkh Chelebia sent by You, received your obedient denunciation and they declared orally and more widely on your will to accept our High Imperial Protection with all your houses and families and you to live freely on the newly taken by us Persian lands. These lands are lying in the Caspian Sea
and these comfortable places are given to you to live there in peace and you to believe in the Christian faith without any obstacles. And because we keep the honest Armenian nation in the sake of Christianity in honorable favor, therefore we sent special orders to the bailiffs of our newly taken Persian lands according to your heartily request so that the bailiffs will not only accept you in Gillian, Mazendron and Baku, but also will provide your favor and security and let you live in the most comfortable places in the settlements. And as we would like you to be aware of our favorable please, so we not only sent to you Our Imperial deed, but the above mentioned your envoys were sent back to you to tell you orally about our favor for you as was decreed by us and we are gracious to you in all our Imperial favor.
(Chancellor Count Golovkin
Andrei Osterman.
2 of the same kind of deeds were written on Alexandrian writ, with the attached copies in Armenian and are given to Armenians in hand, without the signatures, with the State seal).

Look in “Collection of the acts, referring the reviewing of the history if the Armenian nation, volume 1, pp. 165-166, as well as in “Armenian and Russian relations in the first 3 decades of the 18th century, collection of documents”, volume 2, part 2, Yerevan, 1967, pp. 392-393


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