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Thee deed is entrusted by the population of Dizak and Warranda on January 4, 1724 on taking Russian citizenship.

The purpose of thee deed is that we, in January 1724 AD, voivodes of Dizak and Warranda lands, young and old, archimandrites, clergymen, Armenian princes and village headmen, tax collectors and people, with all our armed forces, all the undersigned, at our will and clear understanding became thy servants, the King the Great, and we, from thee moment and till the doomsday, should execute all the orders of the Great King, Peter the Great. And if we take the order and not execute it, go back, deceive, our head, property given to the King, let him be sinless before the God and us forever indebted to him.
Thee deed was written in Shoushi fortified area in January 1724.

End of the writing.

Seal: Sotnik Avan
Seal: Sotnik Mirza

Sealed with 20 wax-seals.

Attached to the letter of the Armenian Ivan Karapet, on March 17, 1724
Translated in Moscow
GAFKE, f. SRA, 1724, N 4, p. 19


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