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AGHThe publication of the “Shoushi” charity foundation launched the First book of the “Assemblage of Artsakhian struggle for existence” series of books by Bakour Karapetyan. The presentation of the book has been held these days in the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia. The arrangement has been organized by the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, by the “Shoushi” charity foundation and by the Writers Union of Armenia. The president of the National Academy of Sciences, academician Radik Martirosyan in his opening speech evaluated not only this fact, but also the volumes of the series of books which were going to be published. Evaluating the series of books as a historian the vice-president of the National Academy of Sciences, academician Vladimir Barkhudaryan said; “We have been defining more exactly the heroes to the Great Patriotic War. What sources don’t we observe to accurate every fact related to the Genocide? The Artsakh war began spontaneously, and it is very important to collect those materials for the history. Twenty years passed since then and many facts have already been distorted; they were being corrupted even during the war. We will not have any more opportunity to be precise with the accuracy of their authenticity after twenty-thirty years. I appreciate Bakour Karapetyan’s effort to accurate the facts. Bakour is well aware of everybody and the war, that’s why I consider his work e.g. this series of books inestimable. ”
The president of the Union of Writers of Armenia; Levon Ananyan led the presentation who stated; “The series of books is an irreplaceable stuff for not only history but also for creating fiction or feature film plots. It is very important to translate and deliver the elect of the series of books to the international society as an Artsakh chronics.”
“The ground of creating documentary series of books about the Artsakh movement, establishing the detachments, and the Artsakh-Azerbaijan war from 1992 to 1994 is also the hundreds of books published with the order of various authors, who don’t often have any deal with the movement for liberation or having even the least participation in it in NKR and in the Republic of Armenia, which leads the readers or the studiers into confusion. In this series of books if people retell the same event in various ways, it is not edited, and the truth is revealed on the next pages of the book or in the next volumes;” - says Bakour Karapetyan.
The records of the debates taken by the author from 1988 to 1994 also found place in the series of books (Galina Starovoytova, Arkady Volski, the journalist to the “Vremya” TV program Sasha Barkhatov’s conversation with Robert Kocharyan, the first secretary of partisan regional committe the ARNK Boris Kevorkov’s right hand Youry Beknazaryan) which have not been published so far.
In the stories, which are created with the events and episodes, with the details having important historical values told by the interlocutor participants for the first time being published in the documentary assemblage, one can see the movement and the war with all their sides among them the internal and external policy, the diplomacy of the country, the exact estimation of the most important part of the historical period from 1988 to1994s is generated.
In the result of the sound recordings during the years there was already formed a quite rich historical archive.
The publication has prepared still 12 volumes to be printed, hoping to publish the second one by the means accumulated from the sale of the first book, and thus forth.

Sections from the series of books “Assemblage of Artsakh struggle for existence”

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The ones to react to buy some quantity of the book are as below;

The National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia – 10 books
The Union of Writers of Armenia - 10 books
The National Library of Armenia- 10 books
The foundation of the multimember families in Qashatagh of Gurgen Melikyan – 10 books
The State Agricultural University of Armenia – 20 books
The State Synopsys Committee adjoining to the Government of the Republic of Armenia – 10 books
The state Pedagogical Institute of Vanadzor – 2 books
Yerevan State University – 25 books
The State Architecture and Construction University of Yerevan – 25 books
Yerevan State Academy of Art – 1 book

Armenian Pedagogical State University after Kh. Abovyan - 10 boks
Yerevan State Linguistical University after V. Brusov - 10 books


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