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Open letter
To the presidents of co-chairman countries of Minsk group, presidents of France, Russia and the USA, Mr. Shirac, Mr. Putin and Mr. Bush.

Dear presidents,
Serious threats are being created for the future of our region, which are connected with the upbringing of younger generation. What will be the future of the nations in our regions, will they be able to go on equal pace with the development of modern civilization or will they be again in captivity of inter-ethnic conflicts and wars? This all depends on the way how we bring up and teach our children. Will they be tolerant towards each other in the future or will they continue to fight against each other?
Incorrect upbringing of the younger generation as well as the spreading of hostility and hatred by the modern technical means already bore their fruits. Such as the terrorist deeds in Budapest and Istanbul or the refusal to host the football team of Armenia in Baku. The authorities of Baku were afraid that, because of excessive propaganda against Armenians, the overstrained and unstable people will get even with the sportsmen. Of course, these and dozens of other events are dangerous steps to break new ethnic wars. In fact, incorrect upbringing is the main root for such a threat, the correction of which will make it possible to build peace and create conditions for the development.
Taking into account the importance of upbringing of the children and youth and because of worrying about the future of the nations living in this region, I sent a letter to the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev on November 30, 2006. Together with the letter, I sent the newly published in Moscow scientific and fantastic book “Celestial Nut”. In the book, Armenian and Azeri children as well as children of other nations of the world, including American, Russian, Georgian, Chinese, French, German, Brazilian, Arab, Japanese, Jewish children as well as cosmic creatures play together, understand, love and defend each other, speak together against the war. Azeri children help Armenian children to escape captivity. I referred to the president of Azerbaijan to spread this book among Azeri children, which will assist in the mutual understanding, peace-building and development of our nations in the future. I asked Mr. Aliev in the letter to help us to make bonds with Azeri writers, to establish websites together and to publish books. I input information on scientific research on the architecture of Islamic belief of Shoushi town in the website
As the rapprochement and long-lasting peace-building at all levels between Christian and Islamic civilizations is becoming more and more urgent, I offer to turn Shoushi town of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic into the meeting and dialogue leading place between the cultures of the two civilizations, while establishing an appropriate center.
Dear presidents, I ask forYour pardon that I botherYou and refer to Your help, while attempting to make You hear the issues bothering all the nations of the region, as their future, prevention of hostility and hatred between them wholly depend on it.
I send toYou my letters to the president of Azerbaijan attached to this letter, as well as the Russian variant of my book. I ask forYour pardon, Mr. Shirac and Mr. Bush, because I still don’t have the possibility to publish it in French and English.

Writer, publicist Bakour Karapetyan


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