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To the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliev

Mr. President,
On November 30, 2006, I sent to You a letter and my book “Celestial Nut” via the embassy of Azerbaijan in Moscow. But up to now I received neither the answer nor information. Did the book and the letter went through numerous bureaucratic obstacles?
In the book, Karabakh and Azeri teenagers as well as representatives of Russia, the USA, Georgia, China, Brazil, Palestine, Japan, Israel and of other countries take part in the game, understand and defend each other, become closer, mutually speak against the war started by the adults. What will be the future of the nations of our regions, will they be able to develop on equal pace with the development of modern civilization or will they be again in captivity of inter-ethnic conflicts and wars? This all depends on the way how we bring up and teach our children. Will they treat each other with tolerance in the future or will they continue to fight against each other?
I sent this book to You with the hope that You will create conditions for Azeri children to read it. This book together with the future stories of the book series, I am sure, will assist in the mutual understanding of our nations in the future, because the propaganda of the war and hostility between our nations doesn’t have future. I also ask for your comments which I will take into account in the future editions of the book series.
Mr. Aliev, if the book and the letter didn’t reach you in reality, which is quite possible, then I can send to You a new copy. I would like You to consider if the letter of an Armenian writer is worth of your attention, the writer who is a native of Leninavan village of Martakert region of Nagorno-Karabakh, which was ruined by the Azeri authorities. I ask You not to miss this opportunity of mutual trust and mutual understanding.

Bakour Karapetyan.
Writer and publicist.


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