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An 8 years old boy together with a huge out of terrestrial creature “Nut” in the hands appeared in the thick of the Azeri versus Nagorno-Karabakh war. These 2 fighting sides try to take away this almighty Celestial creature. What thrilling adventures happened to the boy with the Nut as well as to the youths from different countries – Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, USA, Nagorno-Karabakh, Brazil, Japan, China, France and Germany… School-age children might read about it in the recently published book (in Moscow) by Bakour Karapetian “Celestial Nut” (Publishing House “Shoushi”, Russian variant).
The youths while playing a fantastic game with the giants from the Universe organized by the celestial Nut, look for and finally find the nuts of Wisdom, Justice and Peace. Children, while playing “war”, pass to all the people these qualities, then they unite and speak against the war started by the adults.
In the second story the young readers together with the Nut and the boy, while traveling in the Universe, will see the birth and destruction of new worlds and stars, with the help of amazing qualities of the Nut will cognize the far past and the future.
“What will be the future of the human civilization? Will it go on in the destructing wars, in constant fear of terror or in the condition of peace, development and prosperity? All this depends on how we bring up and teach our children today”, - writes the author of the book Bakour in the back of the book, hoping that this book will contribute its mite in the mutual understanding, mutual tolerance, harmony between people irrespective of national belonging, religion and color of the skin.
The anxiety for the future of the Trans-Caucasian region gave the idea to the Armenian writer and publicist to refer with an open letter to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev. The author of the book told about it at the opening of the photo-exhibition “100 moments from the life of Shoushi town” and presentation of the book “Celestial Nut”, which took place on 25 November in the building of the Ecclesiastical and educational center affiliated to the Armenian Apostolic Church in Moscow.


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