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R.A.Zargaryan, Candidate of Historical Science, Counselor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
Principles and Strategy of the regulation of Karabakh versus Azerbaijan Conflict


The final recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) is the shortest way for the regulation of Karabakh versus Azerbaijan conflict, as well as peace-building and stability in the region. The Karabakh problem is solved by the creation of independent Karabakh State, which is the main guarantee of security of Karabakh’s people and maintenance of its rights as well as stability and peace-building in the region. Karabakh state is established and this historical fact is recognized by many states in the world. The final recognition of the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic doesn’t breach the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and doesn’t threaten (endanger) its existence. The principle of territorial integrity is not acceptable to Azerbaijan by many international and legal frameworks. But the most important is that Nagorno-Karabakh de jure was never a part of Azerbaijan.
According to the accepted regulations in science, the international and legal status of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic as an independent state is provided by the following parameters: the historical belonging during 5000 years of Karabakh territory to the Armenian nation, the prevailing Armenian majority of the indigenous population of NKR (85% in 1991); the policy of systematic genocide of the governing bodies of Azerbaijan towards Armenians; the carrying out of referendum on independence according to international law and legislation of the USSR (on December 10, 1991); the presence of legitimate bodies of authorities in NKR and their control over the territory of the republic; ability for self-defense; economic self-provision; possession of international legal subjecting.
The recognition of the independence of NKR by Azerbaijan will provide common native interests of the people of NKR and Azerbaijan: the cessation of the conflict and not admittance of the new war and new wave of refugees; the solving of the problems of the refugees; the formation of stable institutions, providing democracy and legality; the provision of state sovereignty of NKR and Azerbaijan; economic reforms and increase of public welfare; the suspension of arms race; instead of frontal lines the formation of civilized borders of neighborhood and cooperation.
The final recognition of state independence of NKR is the security of the country as a whole and of every person in particular. Only independent, strong, united Nagorno-Karabakh can attain the security and welfare of Karabakh people, the creation of civil society, the development of the economy and entrepreneurship, the defense of the property. The recognition of NKR will strengthen the possibilities of the country to fulfill its liability for its citizens in the sphere of social defense, health defense, education and law and order. The independence of NKR is the method of the preservation and development of the people of NKR.
The population of NKR had repeatedly repulsed the terrorist intervention from the territory of Azerbaijan. The guarantees of world community can be only one of the factors for the strengthening of the security of NKR. In the modern world, many strong countries are subjected to terrorist attacks. Nobody except for NKR can solve the problems of own antiterrorist security.
The increase of international authority of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is connected not only with the fact that Karabakh people could rebuff the wide-ranging aggression of Azerbaijan and thus stop the ethnic purges and genocide, but with the fact that from the territory of NKR never came a threat of aggression, were not heard the calls for war as well as people of NKR achieved serious success in the state-building, formation of open society, economic and social development.
It is important to emphasize, that the Army of Defense of NKR, the name of which tells much, not only successfully solves the problems of the provision of security and defense ability of the people of Karabakh while facing the serious threat of terrorist aggression from the territory of Azerbaijan, but in fact it performs the effective peace-building function within the limits of the regulation of Karabakh versus Azerbaijan conflict as well as fights against international terrorism.
Mass Media of different countries and special forces repeatedly witnessed the ties of Baku with international terrorist organizations.
One of the unique (exceptional) characteristics of Karabakh versus Azerbaijan conflict is the lack of international peace-building operation. The final recognition of NKR could act as a more effective tool for the preservation of peace and stability in the region.
Russian observers at the elections of delegates of National Assembly of NKR in their declaration on June 19, 2005 emphasized: these elections demonstrate the world community the fact that Karabakh state is established and is successfully developing towards democracy and stability; the democratic achievements of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (demand) claim the maintenance and recognition of the civilized world community which will promote the early regulation of the conflict, establishment of stability and peace in the region, would benefit the original interests of all the nations of the region and the world.
The provision of national interests of Russia, the traditions of centuries-old friendship and union between the Armenian and Russian nations, the increase of international authority of NKR...

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