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The Publishing House of “Shoushi” Charity Foundation on September 1, 2005 undertook the creation of book series on "Collected facts of Artsakh struggle". Interviews with the participants of Artsakh movement, participants of formed detachments, 1992-1994 Artsakh Azerbaijan war participants were recorded. 8 volumes of materials were collected and input into the computer.
The foundation started the subscription of the first volume, but in a limited number. The price is 5000 dram.
For the subscription one should apply to National Academy of Science (NAS) of RA, Fundamental Library building, office of “Shoushi” Foundation. The address is Yerevan 19, Baghramyan str. 24/710. Applicants from abroad wishing to subscribe can transfer foreign exchange equal to 7720 dram, to the account of “Shoushi” Charity Foundation at Unibank, N/N 241001541929 EUR, or No 241001141928 USD, writing first name and family name, address, e-mail, informing the publishing house at e-mail address. The foundation is obliged to send the subscription receipt at once and the 1 volume of book series after the publication.





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